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Are you ready to share your power? If you’re wondering what power we’re talking about, here’s a hint … it’s running through your veins. It’s your blood! How much do you know about this life force that is responsible for keeping you alive? Your blood is powerful, unique and tells a story about who you are. Get ready to go on a fascinating journey and meet amazing people who have incredible stories. By the time you’re done listening, you’ll be ready to Share Your Power with the world.

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About the Hosts

Left- Pat Michaels Right - Susan Forbes

The voices behind the Share Your Power podcast are none other than OneBlood team members, Susan Forbes, Senior Vice President of Corporate Communications and Public Relations and Pat Michaels, Director of Media and Public Relations. Susan and Pat are award-winning, creative storytellers who thrive on developing groundbreaking and innovate productions that showcase real-life, compelling, informational and inspirational stories that bring heightened awareness about the massive, around-the-clock efforts taking place at OneBlood and around the world to save people’s lives. The hosts are both seasoned journalists. Before joining OneBlood, Susan and Pat both worked in television news. Susan as an Executive Producer and News Director and Pat as a Certified Meteorologist and Reporter.

We Welcome Your Ideas

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