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My OneBlood Journey is a program that will notify you when your donation is on its way to a hospital, and will even let you know which hospital your donation is going to. Next time you donate, look out for your OneBlood Journey email to see what hospital your donation was sent to.

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My OneBlood Journey

  1. Thank you! You’ve started the first step of this amazing life-saving journey. There is no substitute for blood, generous donors are the only source.

  2. Once you’ve finished donating, your gift’s journey has just begun. Your unit of blood is sent for processing and the sample tubes are sent to the lab for testing.

  3. Every unit of donated blood undergoes 18 state-of-the-art-tests to ensure each and every unit is 100% safe for tranfusion.

  4. Meanwhile, your unit of blood is being prepared for hospital shipment. Depending on your blood type and donation method, each unit is optimized for patient use.

  5. Local hospitals send us their requests for the blood they need on a daily, and sometimes hourly basis! My OneBlood Journey, will now notify you when your unit is on its way to a hospital!

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